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Ervin is the typical young boy born as a bastard child that finds himself unwanted and unloved by those closest to him. Rejected at birth, his only hope at unconditional love was from his grandparents who take and raise him as their own. After a few years of pure happiness, Ervin’s estranged mother Molly decides that she wants her son back and his never ending nightmare begins.

At 5 years old Ervin meets the physically-scarred Molly for the first time and has no idea that he is about to enter a world no child should ever be exposed to. Unbeknownst to Ervin, Molly is fighting her own personal demons. Her sexual appetite is uncontrollable and she makes it evident she is in no hurry to stop her erogenous ways.

His dad now gone, Ervin is on top of the world married and enjoying his new life with Crystal. It having been more than two years since he submitted extremely incriminating evidence against members of his previous employer, Ervin has moved on and considered the matter closed.


What he fails to realize is that the investigation he started is still ongoing and much larger than he could ever imagine.

Deaths relentless pursuit seems to have no boundaries as Ervin is forced to gaze into its eyes yet again. He finally realizes that for some, walking a full-season into maturity, wisdom, and love comes with a heavy price.


That price, having to choose between you and the ones you love most; are you ready for the gripping undercurrents to be revealed?


From the final battle, Ervin learns what it means to be a true warrior; he shall obtain victory, but at what cost?


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