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His dad now gone, Ervin is on top of the world married and enjoying his new life with Crystal. It having been more than two years since he submitted extremely incriminating evidence against members of his previous employer, Ervin has moved on and considered the matter closed. What he fails to realize is that the investigation he started is still ongoing and much larger than he could ever imagine, and has drawn the attention of the elite members of a secret world organization.

In the midst of all the dangers that await him, Ervin’s life seemed to become so much brighter and he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in life than with his beautiful wife as she gives birth to their two perfect twins. Their tears of joy soon become tears of anguish and pain as a mysterious figure steps into Ervin’s life he never knew existed and does the unthinkable.

A Black Man's Pain II

SKU: BMP2-101
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  • ISBN-10: 1719185727 

    ISBN-13: 978-1719185721 

    Page Count: 214 pages

    Language: English

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