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Motivational Speaking 

Teresa M. Browning, author of eight powerful novels, motivational speaker, and certified life coach, has a firing desire to enlighten, encourage and empower a wide range of families through her successful “Reach one Teach One” approach. As an eccentric and dynamic leader, Ms. Browning is utilizing her own personal testimony to inspire, both men and women, on what’s important through her countless seminars, interactive coaching, and targeted resources.


Ms. Browning’s coaching and self-driven determination have saved a multitude of people from suicidal thoughts, surrendering to failure, and living a life of putrefaction. Instead, she fosters a safe environment, where her readers and listeners can ask difficult questions and open their minds to new ways of perceiving their situation.


Her signature approach encompasses self-love and not self-affliction. She encapsulates faith and not fear. Fear is not welcomed in her area of expertise, as Judy Blume so graceful shared, “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives…”


Ms. Browning, travels around the United States, sharing her declaration on overcoming a domestic violence relationship, surviving a dysfunctional family, and how she withstood life after incarceration and heartbreak. Some of her major accolades are attending the Black Belt Training Conferences, lecturing during the Women Empowerment Luncheons, and is a keynote speaker in prominent Domestic Violence seminars. In addition, Ms. Browning also enjoys supporting Trisomy and conducts a benefit fundraiser each year to donate collected funds in hopes to find a cure.


While surviving every obstacle that has tried to deter her, Ms. Browning has learned that your past is something that should not define you, yet it is an instrument that can be used to motivate and encourage someone else.

Browning has been asked to speak or appear at lectures, book signings, and luncheons to share her testimony and help with workshops. Her goal is "If I Can Reach One I Can Teach One. She is a certified Life Coach that helps others find their way to happiness and living a truthful and better life for themselves.


What To Expect from teresa….

  • Prompt and professional replies to your phone calls and email messages regarding your event.

  • Professionally, prepared presentation focused on achieving the desired outcomes you seek for your audience.

  • Crowd engagement before, during and after your event.


How To Submit A Speaking Engagement Request:

To inquire about fees and schedule a speaking engagement with Teresa, please email her at Please be sure to include information about your event, deadlines for rsvp and topic you would like Teresa to speak about.

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